On Friday: Solely Norwegian Music

NRK UrørtIn connection with tomorrow’s Urørt (English: Untouched) finale, there will be 24 hours of solely Norwegian music playing on eleven NRK radio channels.

– Urørt is important for NRK and Norwegian music industry. If you look at the number of successful artists who have participated in the competition, I will argue that Urørt is equally important as MGP or Spellemann (Editor’s note: Respectively Eurovision Song Contest and Norwegian Grammy), says music director in NRK, Knut Henrik Ytre-Arne to NRK.no.

Established by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) in 2000, Urørt is a showcase for Norwegian music. Nearly 110,000 bands and artists have uploaded their songs, in which have been played and downloaded 73 million times.

Important Part of NRK

Normally, Norwegian artists represents about 40 percent of radio tunes, and it is not the first time NRK carries out a “solely Norwegian music day”. Ytre-Arne believes Norwegian music is an important part of the role as a public broadcaster.

– To highlight Norwegian culture is an important part of NRK, and this is a great opportunity to highlight Norwegian music.

NRK has roughly two million daily listeners on their radio channels.

Ytre-Arne believes the quality is so high right now that most channels will not have any problem finding excellent Norwegian bands and artists.


Listen: Here you can listen to various NRK channels online.


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

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