Pirogues With Jarlsberg Cheese And Ham / Norske Piroger


187_norwegian pirogi_post

187_norwegian pirogi4The Hairy Bikers writes about the recipe: Every country has something like these little pies – Polish pirogues, Indian samosas, Spanish and Argentinian empanadas – and this is Norway’s version, made with Jarlsberg cheese and caraway seeds for that special Norwegian flavour. We give these dix points! If you’re a lazybones you could use puff pastry, but you’ll end up with something that’s more like a fried pasty. Try these as a great little starter or beer blotter.

I must admit I’ve never had Norwegian pirogues like these, but I agree with the bikers, the Jarlsberg cheese, smoked ham and the caraway seeds would give them a very Norwegian taste – Ted


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