Unique Opportunity: Summer Job as Viking Ship Høvedsmann/ Captain


The Viking ship “Lofotr” needs a new captain the coming summer. (Photo: Lofotr Viking Museum)

Have you ever dreamed of being Høvedsmann (Captain) on a Viking ship? This summer, you have the opportunity to apply for the position at the Lofotr Viking Museum in the Lofoten archipelago, Northern Norway – if you have the right qualifications.

There are two Viking ships at the museum. “Lofotr” is a full-scale reconstruction of the Gokstad ship dating back to the 800s. Like the original, “Lofotr” is an excellent seagoing ship which has won several regattas.

The Viking museum which is located on the beautiful Vestvågøy island is searching for two captains the coming summer.

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Lofotr Viking Museum Longhouse Norway

The reconstructed Viking longhouse at the Lofotr Viking Museum is the largest ever found. (Photo: Lofotr Viking Museum)

Here you will find the job ad translated into English. Notice that there is no requirement to speak Norwegian, but you have to speak two languages – including English or Norwegian.


Høvedsmann Viking Ship

Apply for an exciting and challenging summer job as Høvedsmann in the main season 15 June – 15 August 2015. The Høvedsmann is responsible for preparing and carrying out daily rowing trips with a Viking ship for our guests. It is an advantage if you have experience using a square sail or a boating license. You should master at least two languages. Specify in the application which periods you can work. Minimum application period is two months. You must master Norwegian or English. Only relevant applicants will be contacted.

Workplace: Vestvågøy, Lofoten

Type of employment: Vacation work, Shift work, Part time, Full time

Number of positions: 2

Application deadline: February 16, 2015

Vacancies from: June 15, 2015

Vacancies to: August 15, 2015

Application postal address: Prestegårdsveien 59, 8360 Bøstad, Norway

Mark the envelope “Season 2015”

Contact person: Ole-Martin Hammer, tel. +47 90 11 87 08


You will find the complete job ad here (in Norwegian).



Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Sources: NAV, Lofotr Viking Museum

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  1. Reblogged this on First Night History and commented:
    Something a little different!

  2. Okey, i will do it. just send me a email 😉 very nice

  3. Would love to crew.
    Fluent in English but barely passable in French and can only ask for food and ale in German… Should have studied more at school

  4. LOVE VIKINGS dream job right here:) I’m an actor being a viking would be amazing

  5. passed the info along to the volunteer crew of Munin in Vancouver.she’s only half scale, but also a replica of the Gokstad ship.

  6. YEAH,I wanna be a Viking captain!

  7. If I only were a bit older… For I know how to sail, I can speak multiple languages without any problem, I’ve got some skills in sailing and absolutely love the viking history, acting and being at sea. Please let this job exists again in a year or two, I beg you!

  8. Would love too. Do they supply passport renew costs?

  9. I`m very good in English, and have good experience in sailing viking longships. But I`m the starter in Norwegian. But its my dream work!!!!

  10. Yes, I do! 🙂 This is so interesting and cool! Thank you for sharing it!
    I have always been intrigued by the vikings. And for a couple years I’ve been watching Vikings on The History Channel. And now I am even more captivated and fascinated! 🙂
    Carolyn 🙂

    • what port do they sell out of and how long are the cruz how big is the ship and how many crew members are on board with you is there an application to fill out or a website that I could go to and look at I would be interested in finding out more information if available. I also lived in Hawaii for several years when I was younger weari crude on a sailing vessel out there have been a dolphin trainer for approximately 10 years and have always been around the water would love to do something on the vessel if not captain possibly some form of crew anything other than a deckhand would be under consideration

  11. i would love to apply but sadly i am just a lowly wench and only good at boosting moral and taking pictures 😀

  12. This sounds amazing. I’d love to be a viking. Do we also get whale testicles beer? 🙂

  13. Look at my link, sailed my THorViking in 20years. sailed the Glad of Nysäter and became againted with the Snorry. are we talking rowing or sailing or both?

  14. A dream job for many it seems. A fabulous opportunity!!

  15. I speak English, Danish and German and hold a Yachtmaster Offshore certificate. But most importantly I speak Gammalnorsk – aka Old Norse – every day, and I speak it fluently.

  16. what port do they sell out of and how long are the cruz how big is the ship and how many crew members are on board with you is there an application to fill out or a website that I could go to and look at I would be interested in finding out more information if available

  17. My husband is a captain, and grandson of a Norwegian, but alas, speaks only English……


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