Student Prefers Wolves Before Neighbor’s Untuned Guitar

Student Sleeping Outdoor Sweden

Jon Petter is neither afraid of the dark, wolves, moose nor extreme cold – but untuned guitars. (Photo: Private)

With wolves and moose as new neighbors, Jon Petter Scheie Anti from Karasjok in Finnmark has chosen to sleep outdoors: The neighbor at the dormitory is an avid guitar player – but the guitar is out of tune and the little talented musician is practicing at night.

– I sleep better outdoors than indoors. At least on weekdays. I recover myself better. This is based on my own “research” says Jon Petter who is studying in Øvre Torneå in northern Sweden to NRK Sápmi.

Before the Christmas holidays he undertook an “informal relocation” from the dormitory room and out in the woods. Here, the 28-year-old sleeps directly on the ground.

– There are thin walls between the rooms and one of the neighbors are a little too keen when it comes to guitar playing – and he is not very talented. One Friday, I was downright bored. I packed the sleeping bag and sleeping pad and went into the woods, says Jon Petter.

Thrives in the Cold

The student has got a tent but have just put it up indoors to test it. Jon Petter prefers to sleep under the open sky.

– Minus 20 degrees below zero (-4°F) is not so cold, he says.

– The plan is to put up the tent when it gets colder, but it has not been so cold so far (…). On the coldest, it has perhaps been around minus 20 degrees.

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Student Sleeping Outdoor Sweden 2

The sleeping bag keeps Jon Petter Scheie Anti warm in extreme cold. (Photo: Private)

He says that he has a good sleeping bag and that it states that the lower limit to stay warm is 41 degrees below zero (-41.8°F)

– So, if there are 42 degrees below zero, I will put up the tent.

Jon Petter also says that the first night he slept outdoors he thinks he heard both wolves and moose, but he is not quite sure…



Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: NRK Sápmi

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3 replies

  1. [Shiver] The first thing I thought upon reading this was of a private school in Saskatchewan that sent its students out for some winter camping — several boys had frostbite so severe they needed toes amputated. Sounds like Mr. Petter has more suitable gear, at least.

    • Well, you relly don’t need so good equipment. Often I lay with my sleepingbag open:) that was when it was like -10 to -15. You shud try it out. Dear regards jon petter scheie anti

  2. I really admire anyone who will sleep outdoors with wolves etc around, never mind the sub-zero temp. When we lived in Spain I used to sleep on the roof-top solarium with a mosquito net around me, as I worried that a cockroach might approach, lol.

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