Rune (17) Is Sewing His Own Bunad

Rune is sewing his own BunadRune Nygård (17) has an exciting hobby. See video at the bottom of the article. (Photo: Heidi Lise Bakke/NRK)

Rune Nygård from Florø in western Norway does not share the same interests than most his age. He loves needlework, and towards his 18th birthday in April, he has set himself a very special goal.

In Rune’s home, there is no PlayStation or other similar games. All of his free time he spend working on his remarkable Bunad project. The result of many years of work lie scattered on top of the worktable and all over the room.

Very few young Norwegians share Rune Nygård’s hobby. He is passionate about handicrafts and is now working to complete his own Sunnfjord Bunad.

Ruthless Deadline

Sunnfjord Bunad for men

The male Sunnfjord Bunad. (Photo:

– My grandmother made her own Bunad when she was 19 years old. I thought I had to be better than her, so I will finish mine before my 18th birthday, Rune tells

As a child, he spent much time with his grandparents and followed their handicraft projects with excitement. He decided early to fulfill his very own large-scale project.

– I made the first stitches on the Bunad belt when I was 13 years old, he continues.

Since then he has worked steadily. He mainly works from home, but as an active youth politician there are plenty of meetings to attend and Rune always brings a piece of needlework.

If a problem occurs, however, he has many good helpers.

– I always try to do it myself, but if I am stuck, there are fortunately many skilled people in Florø making Bunads. In addition, I have my grandparents who always help me if I need it.


Janne Haugenes owns the handicraft shop Petra Tråkletråd located in Florø where Rune has received both assistance and training. She is amazed.

– I think it is great, and it is quality needlework. I am very impressed that a boy of his age goes through such a project, but I believe he can manage it before his 18th birthday, she says.

See NRK video about Rune here.


Facts about the male Sunnfjord Bunad:

All garments are hand made.

It consists of a red jacket, green vest and black knickers, and was presented for the first time in 1964.

The Bunad and its pattern, sewing techniques and material are based on garments from the early 1800s.


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: NRK

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