Upcoming Norwegian Heavy Rock Bands

Shotgun Rodeo - Promising Norwegian Bands Pyro

Promising: Shotgun Rodeo from Trondheim (Photo: NRK)

The acclaimed radio program Pyro on NRK P3 has selected twenty-two promising Norwegian bands they think should get more attention in the coming years. On their websites, they justify the selection as follows:

Before everyone starts complaining about which bands are missing here, the list is based on the music we have received during the year. We must have overlooked some great bands, if so it is most likely that the band have not sent us their music. It is not an easy task to keep track of all the new bands in metal genres out there in our ever-so-long country.

Pyro is radio program about the hard part of rock hosted by the very experienced Asbjørn Slettemark and Totto Mjelde. Their playlist includes everything from The Who to Morbid Angel, old rock and new heavy metal in “touching fraternity”. They serve interviews with many great bands, contests, and specials on everything from Germany to “grueling booze”. Their proud motto is “Genuine rock, genuine emotions, genuine genuineness”.

Here are the praised bands: (Linked to YouTube)


Sassy Kraimspri


Still Shaking

Silence The Sky



Wrong Kid Adopted


Tonic Breed 


Halcyon Days

Spectral Haze 

Your Epitaph


Ocean Dweller

Shotgun Rodeo




Black Moon Circle 


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: NRK

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