Knit Kardashian About to Break the Internet

Knit Kardashian

Resembles the original: Kim Kardashian has got competition with Knit Kardashian made by Arne&Carlos (Photo:

Recently, Kim Kardashian’s naked photos broke the Internet. Now the two knit designers from Valdres, Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison, have created Knit Kardashian – who is also about to break the Internet. 

Arne&Carlos are renowned for their distinctive knitwear, especially their creative yet traditional Christmas balls. Now, however their knitting skills have been used to copy the rear end of one of the world’s most famous women.

– We saw that Kim Kardashian got so much attention because she showed off her buttocks. We love knitting nonsense things, so we knitted a doll that also shows off the butt, Arne tells

Reached New Heights 

Both the American TV-personality Kim Kardashian and Knit Kardashian have become popular in the media for their naked bodies.

In just a few hours after the publication, Knit Kardashian was shared and liked over thousand times on Arne&Carlos’ Facebook page.

– So many likes and shares have ticked in. We never had so many likes. It is obvious that the lady is popular both in reality and as a doll, says Arne.

The Butt is a Christmas Ball 

Arne and Carlos 55 Christmas Balls to KnitArne&Carlos are well known for their Christmas balls and they have also released a book about knitted bulbs, dolls and slippers. Many of their fans have already requested the recipe on their fresh design.

– We really have no recipe for her. She consists of two Christmas balls and the body of a regular knit doll. Also we knitted a rag to cover her butt, says Arne.

He adds that the doll have splayed fingers like the original Kim Kardashian photo.

– We had very fun making her. It has become an epidemic with people impersonating Kim Kardashian and her ass. We had not believed that it would become so popular, but we broke the Internet like the original, Arne chuckles.


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: NRK,


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