Tomasz Takes Incredible Photographs from the Kayak

Trollfjord Kayaking Northern Norway

Trollfjord, Northern Norway. (Photo: Thomasz Furmanek/ Instagram)

In his spare time, Thomasz Furmanek loves to explore nature from the kayak – and with nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram, his photographs fascinate people from all over the world.

– What I am trying to show in the pictures is the peace and tranquility you feel when you are outdoors in a kayak. Since the GoPro camera is mounted on my helmet, it gives a presence in the pictures, says Thomasz to NRK.

Tomasz was born in Poland, but has lived in Norway all his life. He is employed at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen and lives an active life with outdoor activities and nature experiences as important sources of inspiration.

The aim of posting the photographs on Instagram is to show people places to paddle in Norway, and inspire them to get out in the kayak to experience nature.

The pictures below speak for themselves (Click to enlarge).

Close to Reine in Lofoten Norway Kayak

Close to Reine in Lofoten, Northern Norway. (Photo: Thomasz Furmanek/ Instagram)


Kayaking in Reinefjord with Midnight Sun Norway

Kayaking in the Reinefjord with midnight sun. (Photo: Thomasz Furmanek/ Instagram)


Between Milde and Hjellestad Western Norway Kayaking

Between Milde and Hjellestad, Western Norway. (Photo: Thomasz Furmanek/ Instagram)


Hjørundfjord in Sunnmøre Western Norway Kayaking

Hjørundfjord in Sunnmøre, Western Norway. (Photo: Thomasz Furmanek/ Instagram)


Nærøyfjord Aurlandsfjord Western Norway Kayaking

Nærøyfjord, Aurlandsfjord – Western Norway. (Photo: Thomasz Furmanek/ Instagram)


Styggevatnet Glacier Lake Norway Kayaking

Styggevatnet, a glacier lake from the Jostedalsbreen glacier.  (Photo: Thomasz Furmanek/ Instagram)




Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Sources: NRK, Instagram

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