Wedding Photos from the Lofoten Islands

Wedding Photo Lofoten 1

(Photo: Jakob Granqvist/ Nordica Photography)

Sirena from Texas and Eric from Germany met in Argentina, and married in Lofoten this autumn. Is there a more beautiful and romantic place on the planet?

When American Sirena LaBurn from Texas met German Eric Schmidtmann on vacation in Argentina, it was the start of a long distance relationship. In September, they got married near Svolvær in Lofoten.

Neither Sirena or Eric were ever in doubt that it was in Lofoten the ceremony was going to take place when they a few months ago started the wedding preparations, NRK writes.

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Wedding Photo Lofoten 2

The bride and groom are left alone with only the beautiful surroundings and their love for each other. (Photo: Jakob Granqvist/ Nordica Photography)

Chose Northern Norway

The wedding preparations started in the summer and neither of them was in doubt where the big day should take place.

– Three years ago we were hiking for two weeks between Bergen and Oslo. We were intrigued by the unique nature and how spacious it was, says Sirena.

They therefore made a promise to return to experience Northern Norway.

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Wedding Photo Lofoten 3

The bride and groom gave each other their “Yes” in Svolvær in Lofoten. (Photo: Jacob Granqvist/ Nordica Photography)

– We came across a travel magazine that showed pictures from Lofoten while we were discussing the wedding. This is how the idea of a wedding in Norway occurred.

Norwegian Wedding Planners

It was not an easy process to get married in a country and a region where none of them had been before. Wedding planners from Oslo came to the rescue.

– They did a fantastic job of planning and putting in place all the paperwork. We could not have done it without their help, says Sirena.

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Wedding Photo Lofoten 4

The wedding photos are a beautiful memory for the rest of their lives. (Photo: Jakob Ganqvist / Nordica Photography)

The unique photos are taken by Nordica Photography from Sweden.

– I have been many places over the years, but Lofoten was something special, says photographer Jakob Granqvist in Nordica Photography, who along with his colleague is traveling around the world to take wedding photos.

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Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: NRK Nordland

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  1. Excellent wedding photos, I congratulate you!

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