Picked Raspberries in November

Raspberries in November Norway 2

 Raspberries taste delicious and are healthy, but are normally harvested in July. (Photo: Harald Eikrem Tusvik)

On 9 November, Harald Eikrem Tusvik from Biri in Oppland picked raspberries for his Sunday dessert in the garden. He discovered the berries by chance.

At this time of year there is normally snowfall and cold weather in Oppland, but 2014 has been extraordinary with unusually mild weather.

– I was really just going to see how it looked in the garden now right before the winter, when I got to see some small red buds in the raspberry hedge. Surprisingly, it turned out to be raspberries, says Tusvik to NRK Hedemark and Oppland.

He immediately began to reap the harvest. Tusvik thinks it is very surprising that there were so many berries.

– It was a full cup. It is enough berries for dessert, so today it will be raspberries with cream.

The Taste of Summer

– The raspberries tasted great, like sun-ripened summer raspberries, sweet and good. Although this is the second crop this year, and it is November.

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Raspberries in November in Norway

A somewhat surprised raspberry picker from Oppland county in Eastern Norway. (Photo: Private/ Harald Eikrem Tusvik)

Tusvik’s raspberry hedge is facing north-west and is not screened from weather and wind.

– But it is clear that there has been a good season. Biri is probably a good place for raspberry production, he says.


Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

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