Porsgrunn City Finally Gets a Porcelain Museum

Porsgrund Bogstad kaffeservise

Porsgrund Porcelain: The Bogstad Coffee set. (Photo: Lauritz.com)

After a long struggle, the white gold of Porsgrunn is honored with a museum. Thousands of porcelain items, which is an important part of the city’s identity, will be on display

On March 1 next year, the doors to the new museum in Porsgrunn will open. About 1,000 objects will be exhibited at a time including an information center and traveling exhibition. At any time, there will be 5,000 items stored in the magazine.

Porsgrund Porcelain Bogstad StråPorsgrund’s Porcelain Factory was established in 1885 and is known for having a strong focus on design, artisanship and quality. The company manage and present a significant history and highly valued Norwegian cultural heritage, but also focuses on continuous development and new design to meet future needs.

The museum is a collaboration between the Telemark Museum, Porsgrunn Municipality, Telemark County Municipality, Bratsberg Group and Porsgrund Porcelain. Telemark Museum owns the collection.

Bogstad Strå is one of Porsgrunds oldest and most traditional tableware. The decor is hand painted by the best artists, in good accordance with ancient tradition and design. It is an “eternity pattern” and is believed to be one of the oldest patterns. (Photo: Aasen, Ann Iren Ryggen / Telemark Museum)

The exhibition will be divided into eras and artists will have their own sections. There will also be an installation where people can make their own designs.

The costs of getting the museum up on its feet is about 3 million dollars (25 million Norwegian kroner).


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: NRK, Porsgrund Porcelænsfabrikk

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