Shy Hikers Got Architect Designed Privy


Lomsdal-Visten National Park Nordland NorwayLomsdal-Visten National Park: “Excuse me – but where is the nearest toilet?” (Photo:

Picture this: You have been walking for three days without seeing a single person. Surrounded by fjords, vast forests, ravines and towering mountains you are not able to enjoy the beauty and serenity because you really really have to go to the toilet.

Suddenly, in the morning mist you spot something you think must be imagination: You put away the backpack with tent, sleeping bag, map and compass and run towards the rescue: A privy!

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Privy Outdoor Toilet Norway

Here you do not have to be observed by moose, reindeer and bears when sitting on the toilet. (Photo: Carl Norberg)

The outdoor toilet is built at the entrance of Lomsdal-Visten National Park which covers 425 square miles and parts of four municipalities in Nordland county. Many (shy) outdoor enthusiasts have long seen the need for toilets at strategic locations.

– We had to do something about that, says National Park Superintendent Torhild Lamo to NRK.

Last year, together with Friends of Stavassdalen Valley and Grane Hunting and Fishing Association, they started a very special project. The result was an architect designed privy, which in early November was flown out by helicopter to a place locally known as Stavatnet.

Indoor Outdoor Toilet NorwayHere is the rescue! But … where’s the toilet paper?? (Photo: Carl Norberg)

Value for Money!

– There are probably some who will react to the use of money, and one could build an outdoor toilet for a little less money. But to build something out of the ordinary is also about promoting experiences in association with the National Park, says Lamo.

The price? About 8800 dollars (60,000 kroner) for needy hikers.

Architect Håkon Bø at “Helt Grønt AS” (English: All Green Ltd) has designed the outdoor toilet which is built by the company HAG-vekst.

The drawings are based upon building traditions and materials in simple structures that already exist in and around the national park, explains the National Park Superintendent.

The official opening is on 14 June 2015.


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Sources: NRK,




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