About Surnames and Professions – Just Coincidence?

Kari Traa -Thread- started a clothing lineKari Traa is an Olympic freestyle skier, but as her surname suggests her profession is completely different. (Photo: Jarvin / Wikimedia Commons)

Norwegians Knut Buen (Bow) plays the fiddle, Jørgen Hesten (Horse) works with horses, Ingrid Skrede (Landslides) monitors landslides and Stein Kruse is cruise manager. Are the professions coincidences?

A study at Wayne State University in the US showed that names like Medina and Dockerty were strongly overrepresented among doctors, while Lawrence and Laurence was the same among lawyers.

Also in Norway, there are obviously several people with names corresponding with their profession.

Suitable Names

Among geologists are Kjetil Brattlien (Steep-Hillside), who wrote “The Small Avalanche Book”, and Steinar Bakkehøy (Hill-Tall) who is avalanche expert at Norwegian Geotechnical Institute.

Dorothy-Ann Billett (Ticket) is Director of Securitas Aviation, with a background in aviation company SAS, while Stein Kruse is CEO of cruise giant Carnival.

Many Norwegian farmers are surnamed Bonde or Bonden (peasant or farmer). Other agricultural workers are egg producer Ola Egge, horse owner Jørgen Hesten (Horse) and pig farmer Ola Sylte (sylte is cold cut made from pig’s meat). However, should the animals become sick, simply call the veterinarian Rita Kylling (Chicken) or Knut Verpe (laying eggs).

At the fire department, you could earlier run into the now deceased fire Chief Mr. Lae Brenne (Mr. Let It Burn) or retired fire champion Lars Svihus (Burn-House). Burning hot names.

In Drammen, please consult doctor Salve Greibrokk (Ointment Nice-Hernia), or doctor Carl Fredrik Friisk (Healthy) in Kolbotn. Perhaps Iris Øyen (Iris Eye) might be able to help you. Consider whether you want an appointment with Carl Emil Krefting (Cancer-ing). Maybe you just need an hour at chiropractor Jarle Rygg (Back).

Cavities are very painful and something everyone gets. Are you of the delicate kind you may consider another dentist than Tangen (Forceps) or Fylling (Filling).

The city of Hønefoss has an undertaker named Sukken (Sighs), and in Gran municipality, you can buy timber at Gran Tre (Spruce Tree).

Pure Humor                                                                           

Knut Buen -Bow- plays the fiddle

Can you guess this guy’s name? (Photo: Numedalsnett)

Below is a list of other humorous names.

Vilfred Bang, Head of Finnmark Hunting and Fishing Association.

Nicolay Bruusgaard (Soda-Farm), Head of Information at Ringnes Brewery.

Bookkeeper Skatt (Tax)

Jan Gunnar Winther, Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Ivar Ullebust (Wool-Bristle), owner of Viking Garn yarn producer.

Øystein Overrein (Over-Reindeer), Quarry Manager.

Hans Kopp (His Cup), porcelain painter.

Randi Harr Svare (Has-the-Answer) is an adjunct.

Gardener Løw (Leaf).

Knut Buen (Bow) plays the fiddle.

Singer Sondre Lerche (Lark).

Rebel Stein Lillevollen (Stone Little-Violence) has had several violent clashes with the Norwegian police, mostly throwing rocks at them.

Mountaineer and adventurer Cecilie Skog (Forest) has found happiness with work colleague Aleksander Gamme (Goahti).

Arild Dommersnes (Judge-Headlands) was the prosecutor in Norway’s biggest heist, the NOKAS robbery.

Freestyle skier Kari Traa (Thread) started her own clothing line.

In 1994, villain Pål Enger (initials P. Enger spells Money) stole the painting “The Scream” by Edvard Munch from the National Gallery in Oslo.


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: VG

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