Christian Christmas Booklet Misprint: “The girl from the mountains” will “turn you on”

Christian Christmas Booklet Misprint

False advertising: On page 3 of the Christmas booklet “The Girl from the Mountains”, you get the impression that the story will “turn you on”. (Photo: Lunde Forlag / Lunde Publishing)

In the Norwegian Lutheran Mission’s latest edition of the Christmas booklet about “The Girl from the Mountains” there is a not insignificant misprint: Although “only” the letter T has been added to the headline – “Når lys(T)ene tennes”, – the sentence has given the Christian booklet a new and erotic content.

In Norwegian, the meaning has changed from “When the candles are lit” to “When you get turned on.” Kristelig Pressekontor (the Christian Press Office) was the first to publish the story on its website.

Lunde Forlag, responsible for the release, is writing on Facebook that the Christmas booklet with the misprint is sold in limited edition.

This is the 55th edition of “The girl from the Mountains” that is for sale in bookstores and Christmas markets. According to Lunde Forlag, the typing error will be corrected in the next edition.

To the disappointment of some and the delight of others.



Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: Kristelig Prestekontor





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