Sir Elton John Bought This Photo from Ingolf

Frozen Fish Shoal Sir Elton John Photography Collection

(Photo: Ingolf Kristnasen)

Thanks to a frozen fish shoal, Ingolf Kristiansen from Lovund in Nordland will be among the audience at Sir Elton John’s concert in Oslo on November 15. The tickets he has received from the popular artist himself.

Almost one year has passed since Ingolf photographed the frozen fish shoal that suffered a cold death on the Lovund island. Curious journalists from national and international media are still contacting him asking questions about the bizarre picture.

After Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation (NRK) first published the photo, it has received international attention, especially through sharing on social media.

– None other than Sir Elton John noticed it through a news broadcast on Fox News, Kristiansen tells NRK.

– He wanted a copy for a gallery he owns.

The photograph was printed, signed and shipped to Atlanta where it now finds itself in Elton John’s private collection.

– As payment, we received tickets to his concert in Oslo this November. We are really looking forward to it!

NRK can confirm that the photo is now part of the “Sir Elton John Photography Collection”, a private collection that collaborates with several galleries, auction houses and artists.

Normal Sunday Walk

It was during a Sunday walk with mini schnauzer Anton in mid-January this year that Ingolf came across the unusual sight. He admits that it is very special that the image has generated so high interest in both Norwegian and international media.

7-8 degrees Celsius below zero and Polar winds from the east made ​​the bay freeze in seconds.

– Cormorants had chased the pollock from land and apparently, they had not been able to get out in the open sea, Kristiansen told NRK in January.

Even National Geographic has shown great interest in the photo and the photographer.

– For us this is just a picture we took on a normal Sunday walk a cold January day. I think we can thank social media that it has become so popular, says Kristiansen.


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: NRK

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