South Korean Superstar Will Sing in “Norwegian Hymnbook – Minute By Minute”

Jaemin Park Norwegian Hymnbook Minute By Mnute

Superstar Jaemin Park will participate in “Norwegian Hymnbook – Minute By Minute”. (Photo:

Norwegian slow TV programs such as “Firewood – Minute By Minute” and “National Knitting Night – Minute By Minute” have become international successes as a reaction to today’s stressful TV shows. The first weekend of Advent “Norwegian Hymnbook – Minute By Minute” will be broadcasted live. In addition to 237 Norwegian choirs the South Korean superstar Jaemin Park will participate.

Jaemin Park is a famous dancer, TV host and actor from South Korea, and according to Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) the producer from Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) promises that he also has experience as a musical artist.

Norwegian Hymnbook Minute by Minute Slow TVIn an e-mail to NRK the producer writes that Park will learn a Norwegian hymn if he can participate with a choir in the 60-hour live broadcast where 899 hymns will be sung from cover to cover.

– It is very fun, and we have said that we will find a hymn he can sing and a choir he can sing along with, says project manager Petter Ingholm Gustavsen.

Thousands Want to Sing

The live broadcast is scheduled to start Friday November 28 and airs from the Our Lady’s Church in Trondheim.

In addition to Jaemin Park, 237 Norwegian choirs have signed up to sing the entire Norwegian Hymnbook. With an average of 15 people in each choir, it will be more than 3,000 participants.

The Church Council hopes for large local involvement and hymn singing and participation in churches and congregations from north to south.

The Church of Our Lady in TrondheimOur Lady’s Church is located in the middle of Norway’s third largest city, Trondheim. (Photo: Anette Broteng Christiansen / ThorNews)

A Cultural and Spiritual Treasure

– The Hymnbook contains a cultural and spiritual treasure ranging from the 300s AD until our own time. Here we find poets and composers who have made ​​their mark on the European cultural and church history. Here are lyrics and melodies that have helped to shape Norway as a nation over the last 200 years, and now we see how the hymn song has become global. The Hymnbook has songs from Africa, Asia and Latin America. The whole of this treasure the television audience now have the chance to get to know, says Jens-Petter Johnsen, Diretor General of the Church Council to

The Norwegian Hymnbook was revised in 2013 and adopted in Advent last year. The content is very diverse with texts in different languages ​​like Norwegian, Sami and English, and you will find everything from traditional hymns to gospel, spirituals and popular music.




Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Sources: NRK,

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