This Year’s Most Spectacular Confirmation Photo

Norwegian Confirmation Photo 2014

Andrea Weka wearing a Norwegian folk costume on the top of the Slogen mountain in Sunnmøre. (Photo: Fotograf MA)

Andrea Weka has a spectacular photo in connection with her Confirmation few others have: Here she is wearing a traditional folk costume Bunad on top of the majestic Slogen mountain that rises 1,564 meters straight from the fjord.

– It was an amazing experience and something I will remember forever. It is probably not many of my friends who have such a Confirmation photo, says Andrea Weka to NRK.

She is very interested in mountain and outdoor activities and would like to have a picture of herself illustrating that.

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Norwegian Confirmation Photo  2014 - 1

Norway at its most beautiful. (Photo: Fotograf MA)

After walking all the way to the top, she put on makeup and her Bunad.

– It was a little difficult with so little space, but it went okay, says Andrea.

She has received a lot of feedback that the photos are fantastic. The photographer Ma Ortiz who shoots under the name Fotograf MA has also received many compliments – especially on Facebook.

– We have received a lot of feedback, which is very nice. It is not easy to walk from 0 to almost 1600 meters with a heavy bag. It is nice that people think we have achieved something different, says Ortiz.



Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog

Source: NRK

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