Get Ready for Norwegian Beach (p)Art(y)

SALT art project Gildeskål Marte Antonsen Big Picture

Spectacular: The Sandhorn Island is perhaps one of the most untouched places in Norway. (Photo: Marte Antonsen / Big Picture)

The art project SALT, located on the Sandhorn Island in Gildeskål, Northern Norway, has become a hit among several international newspapers. The Guardian believes it is one of Europe’s most exciting modern projects while CNN is mostly fascinated by the Arctic scenery.

Last weekend, the spectacular exhibition SALT opened on the Sandhorn Island. The project is a combination of art, architecture, music and local cuisine, as well as a display of the northern Norwegian culture in natural surroundings.

The idyllic Langsanden in Gildeskål was carefully selected for the art installation that will be on display for one year.

The Guardian: – A One-Year-Long Beach Party

The Guardian believes it is one of Europe’s most exciting art projects, and refer to it as a “one-year-long beach party“. CNN, however, are fascinated by the Arctic landscape and the unconventional location.

«It’s largely devoid of human life, dark and viciously cold at times and frequently subject to dangerous levels of geological volatility – the Arctic is surely the worst possible destination for an arts festival», CNN writes.

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SALT art project Gildeskål Ola Helness NRK

Fiskehjelle: The fish drying rack at the Sandhorn Island will display Northern-Norwegian art and culture. (Photo: Ola Helness / NRK)

– Not Everything Has a Meaning

– What I like about this project is the encounter between man and nature. Not everything has a meaning, but still – something magical occurs when you experience the art, says Erlend Mogård Larsen to NRK. Together with curator Helga-Marie Nordby, Larsen is an initiator of the project.

For several months, they have been working to place the various structures in the sand.

One of the challenges has been to make it so robust that the installations can cope with relentless winter storms, waves and cold temperature.

– It is a bit like life itself. One must be prepared to deal with a lot, Larsen says.

(article continues)SALT art project Gildeskål Marte Antonsen Big Picture 2The SALT art project has received international attention, and opens August 29th-30th. (Photo: Marte Antonsen / Big Picture)

A Giant Sauna

The project includes a giant sauna that is able to heat 120 people at a time, and inside the oversized fish drying rack (fiskehjelle) visitors can observe the Northern Norwegian art and culture.

Yang Fudong is one of China’s most renowned contemporary artists. He has made ​​a special outdoor-produced film that will be presented to the audience.

– This is spectacular. Fudong has a large audience in Europe and Asia. There will be visitors from all over the world to experience this, says Larsen.

After one year at Langsanden, the fish racks are moved to another location. The SALT art project will travel from the Sandhorn Island to Greenland, Iceland, Canada and Russia.

The official SALT art project opening is on August 29th and 30th.


Visit the SALT homepage and see more spectacular photos.


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: NRK

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