Diaper Smuggling From Norway is Big Business

Diaper Smuggling From Norway to Europe

Diapers are so cheap in “the world’s most expensive country” that there is systematic smuggling to Europe. Norwegian Customs has made ​​several large seizures: These diapers were on their way to Lithuania. (Photo: Norwegian Customs)

Cheap Norwegian diapers are smuggled to Europe. One diaper in Norway costs 8 cents while a similar diaper costs about 65 cents in Poland. According to Pricerunner, Norway has Europe’s lowest prices and you will  only find cheaper diapers in Mumbai in India.   

The price war between the major supermarket chains to attract parents of small children has lasted since 2000, and the low prices mean that Norwegian stores are experiencing that people from other countries systematically empty the shelves. Several stores are now trying to impose a maximum limit and prioritize local customers.

Must Be Declared

It is not illegal to buy cheap diapers in Norway and bring them out of the country, but all values ​​above 800 dollars (5000 Norwegian kroner) shall be declared at the customs.

Norwegian diapers are very attractive in terms of both price and quality, and customs officials believe that much of the smuggling is organized.

The probability that there are children using Norwegian diapers in neighboring countries like Sweden, Russia, the Baltic states and Poland are big – and Norwegian parents of small children indirectly contribute to fewer sore baby bottoms and sleepless nights.

Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: NRK

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