‘Emma’ is Norway’s Oldest Seagull

Emma Norways Oldest Seagull

The Bird Ringing Center at Museum Stavanger has confirmed that this is Norway’s oldest documented seagull. (Photo: Svein Andersen)

By coincidence ornithologist Svein Andersen took a photo of Norway’s oldest common gull by Ilene Nature Reserve in Tønsberg. Every day it is documented that the seagull ‘Emma’ is alive it is set a new national record.

‘Emma’ was ringed by Mølen outside Larvik June 16, 1981, and will soon be 33 years and two months old. The oldest registered common gull in the world is found in Denmark, and was 33 years and eight months old.

– In February next year we beat the world record. So we can only hope that she comes back in the spring, for they migrate further south in winter, Andersen says to NRK.

A he or a she?

He admits that they do not know what gender ‘Emma’ is because those who ringed the seagull did not report the sex.

– Since the ring number started with ‘MA’ we call her ‘Emma’. So it is a fifty percent chance that it is a female.

– I think she is!

(Article continues)

Ornitologist Norway

Svein Andersen is looking out for the seagull. (Photo: Marita Nilsen)

Larus canus

Common gull (Larus canus) is between 40 and 46 cm long, with a wingspan of between 99 and 108 cm. It weighs around 360 grams (13.4 oz).

The common gull is, as the name implies, one of the most common gull species with a minimum estimate of 150,000 breeding pairs in Norway. It is widespread across the country from the outer coastal areas up to 1300 meters above sea level inland.




‘I Hate Seagulls’ by Norwegian poet/songwriter Odd Børretzen.

Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Sources: NRK, no.wikipedia.org


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  1. So is the seagull Emma still alive?

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