Summer Break!

Summer Vacation Norway 1966

Summer holidays c. 1966: Summer tourists waiting for the ferry at Gudvangen, the Nærøy Fjord, Sogn (Postcard by Normanns Kunstforlag)

The majority of Norwegians are going on a summer holiday for at least three weeks from the second or third week in July when the temperature is at its warmest, the days are still long and bright and the kids are off from school. Many travel south to popular holiday destinations such as Denmark and Spain, while others choose to holiday in Norway.

ThorNews takes a summer break from now until Monday the 4th of August to recharge and find new inspiration. We are planning many new and interesting articles that we believe will entertain you and expand your horizons. Our main goal is to inspire and engage – and provide information about the exciting Norwegian (and Norse!) culture.

Rørvik Vikna Summer Holidays

Rørvik, Vikna, Nord-Trøndelag (Postcard by Normanns Kunstforlag)

Thank you all for reading our articles! It gives us energy to see that the number of readers is increasing and that many return to our pages. ThorNews will continue to be free and you can make your contribution by visiting us regularly.

So far we have posted 717 articles, and if you get bored in the period up to August 4 you are welcome to explore ThorNews.

We wish you all a great summer!


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