Norwegian Road Sign Prank: Remember the Bible Belt

Remember Bible Belt Sign 2Remember Bible Belt SignCan you see the difference? Original road sign on the left.

On European Rout E18, east of the Grimstad Gate, towards Arendal, one or several jolly pranksters have carried out some humorous road marking. In recent days, three signs along the highway have been exposed to clever linguistic jokes.

Across the country, the Norwegian Road Administration has put up “Husk bilbelte” (Remember Seat Belt) signs. In Southern Norway where this incident occurred, however, the original signs now display a different message.

The area is often referred to as the Norwegian Bible Belt, and the pranksters urged motorists to remember the Bible Belt – not the seat belt. In Norwegian, the two words bilbelte and bibelbelte resembles.

The last week there have been several cases of jovial road marking in Southern Norway, including Arendal where the green traffic light showed a cannabis leaf, and some time ago during Nytelsesfestivalen (English: The Pleasure Festival) in Grimstad, the tunnel was tagged and renamed “The Pleasure Port”.

For all pranksters out there, the bad news is that the Norwegian Road Administration says that they will remove the fake signs.(Editor’s Note: Which according to ThorNews’ knowledge will take quite some time in the summer holiday season…)


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Aftenbladet

Photos: ThorNews

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