Andøy International Highland Games 21 September


Highland Games Norway 21 September

Welcome to the first ever Highland Games competition arranged in Andøy, Vesterålen archipelago, Northern Norway.

The Highland Games has a tradition going back to 1840 and is for the first time held in Norway. Athletes from 13 nations are competing in a mixture of six Norse and Celtic exercises. It is a requirement to wear a kilt for the participant in what is considered one of the world’s oldest sports.





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Hammer Throw Highland Games

Hammer throw is one of the exercises you will experience at the Andøy International Highland Games.  (Photo: Wikimedia Commons / unknown).



Opening ceremony at 11:00.

Kids events: Long jump, Braemar, sprints and throwing the Wellington.

Junior (under 23y): Braemar, Scottish hammer 7 kg, Weight over bar (WOB) 20 kg, Caber toss.

Master / Open: Braemar, Weight for distance 12.5 + 20 kg, Scottish hammer 7 + 10 kg, WOB 20 kg /25 kg and Caber toss.

Athlete Challenge: Stone carry for distance.

For the public: Throwing the Wellington, Tug o’ War and Captains of Crush.

In the evening, Ceilidh with award ceremony and great music.



Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Sources:, NRK Nordland


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