The Førdefjord Ghost Yacht


Ghost Boat Western Norway

A spooky aura surrounds PJ 801 and the locals want it to be removed. (Photo: NRK)

In the idyllic village of Vevring in beautiful Førdefjord, Western Norway, a luxury mega yacht obscures the view. The story behind the ghost ship is like a scene from a horror-thriller: The Russian buyer died of stroke and the US-owned shipyard went bankrupt.

PJ 801 would become one of the most luxurious and largest yachts ever to have been built in Norway. The 279 feet boat originally had a price tag of 133 million dollars.

– I would prefer that it is removed. I have heard rumors about Americans and that there is some sort of bankruptcy, says local resident Magny Thingnes to NRK.

Juice and Milk Billionaire

The story started at a shipyard in Kvinesdal in southern Norway. In 2008, the local shipyard acquired by the U.S. company Palmer Johnson started to produce super yachts.

A Russian juice and milk billionaire ordered the boat with a price tag of 133 million dollars.

– We had a meeting with him on a Tuesday, and on Wednesday he suffered a stroke … But the yacht will be completed, it is used far too much money up till now, says Sigurd Fanuelsen, former General Manager of Palmer Johnson Norway.

In 2012, five years after the start of the construction, the shipyard went bankrupt. Now the ghost yacht is docked in a fjord in Western Norway waiting for its destiny.

Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: NRK Sogn og Fjordane


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  1. And now the tragedy of mining debris in the Førdefjord! Finding the heir of an expensive boat must be easier than destroying an entire fjord with 600 million tons of tailings. 😦

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