The Burgundy Wilderness Leather Chair

Leather Chair Norwegian Wilderness

It is wonderful to relax and enjoy the view from a comfortable chair during a strenuous hike. Photo: ThorNews

After a Sunday hike on the Otterøya Island in Nord-Trøndelag County, not many hours drive from the Arctic Circle, ThorNews can report about beautiful scenery and a somewhat unusual experience: Right at the top of a small mountain, far from civilization, a burgundy leather chair is placed.

The chair is in good condition and very comfortable. Otterøya Island is known for its beautiful scenery, large deer population and rich bird-life, and the view from the chair is amazing.

But why was it placed there?

Maybe the owner has a bad back and can not sit directly on the ground? On the other hand – if he (it is presumably a he) has carried the colossus all the way up, he has definitely got back pain.

Or perhaps the owner got fed up by the (British?) indestructible leather chair? Maybe he has brought it as far as possible into the wilderness hoping for weather and wind to finish it off?

Anyway, it all remains a mystery.

Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Categories: Nature, Quirky

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  1. Not all wonders if the world are big enough to see from a mile away . . .


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