Milk Cheaper Than Bottled Water

Norwegian Milk Prizes

If you visit Norway and are traveling on a budget, then you should buy milk in Norwegian grocery stores. Bring an empty bottle and drink pure and fresh water straight from the tap.(Photo:

Milk is the cheapest drink you can find in Norwegian grocery stores. – It is absurd that milk is cheaper than water, says parliamentary representative Per Olaf Lundteigen to Norwegian News Agency NTB.

As dairy farmer Lundteigen wants that Tine; agricultural organization for processing and sale of milk and milk products – pays him more. When milk has become the cheapest drink in the grocery store, Lundteigen does not see any arguments for continuing the development where government subsidies make up more and more of the dairy farmer’s income.

-To fill water bottles is not particularly expensive. Producing milk is a demanding biological process that requires knowledge, large areas and investment, says Lundteigen.

In Norwegian grocery stores one liter of milk costs about 15 kroner (2.5 dollars) while bottled water costs more than twice as much. The actual production cost for one liter of milk is a well-kept secret. Most of the milk is already paid by the taxpayers. Today, dairy farmers get about 5 kroner (0.83 dollar) per liter.

Normal price for half a liter of bottled water is about 17 kroner (2.83 dollars). Although the price of water has increased much more than the price of milk, the brewery industry reports of increased demand for water products.


Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Sources: NTB, Aftenposten


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