This Rooster Lays Eggs

Hermaphroditic Rooster Norway

Chicken breeder Therese Dahl has a rooster that lays eggs. (Photo: Photo / editing: Thomas Berger, NRK)

– We just call him the “henrooster”. He has a nice tail and nice feathers around the neck, but he lays one egg a day, says chicken breeder Therese Dahl to Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation, NRK.

She proudly presents the rooster that is not quite like the others. In one year he has supplied the farm in Torsnes in Fredrikstad with seven eggs a week.

– It is fresh and nice eggs. At Easter they are especially popular, smiles Øyvind Dahl.

– Clucks like a chicken

The rooster probably has both ovaries and fallopian tubes, according to a veterinarian who has examined it.

– It is probably hermaphroditic, with both male and female sex organs. But they are on the inside, so it is not possible to see, explains Therese Dahl.

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Hermaphroditic Rooster Norway 1

Photo / editing: Thomas Berger

The rooster is very feminine and is mostly hanging out with his female friends.

– He does not crow, but is clucking like a hen. He is a calm and quiet type and is very good friends with a hen we call “Perlemor” (English: Mother of Pearl), she laughs.

– Very rare

Every year, the chicken breeders in Fredrikstad welcome tens of thousands of newly hatched poultry.

The probability that a new “henrooster” will show up is very small.

– Dad has kept poultry for over 40 years and has seen several that are hermaphroditic. But it is very rare that they start laying eggs.

Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: NRK


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2 replies

  1. That is what my rooster looks like except is not quite as pure white as yours. He has Spurs and has all features of rooster, but acts more like a dominant hen. He likes to brood, and he started with laying what you call a first egg which looked like a deflated yellowish ping pong ball. Now, he is laying more white small eggs. He freaks us out. We won’t eat those eggs.

  2. What is the breed of this rooster?

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