Salangen News: ‘A Somewhat Dangerous Drainpipe is Laying in the Street’

Norway Drainpipe Salangen

The pipe is hanging in a thin municipal warning tape just above ground. No one was injured by the fall. Photo: Jon Henrik Larsen, Salangen News

There are many small and remote places in Norway, and although they are very different, they have one thing in common: A local newspaper covering small and even smaller stories. This incident is from Salangen in Troms county, Northern Norway. The municipality has 2,200 inhabitants, and about 720 people live in the administration center Sjøvegan.

The story occurred when the reporter looked out his office window, which is located on the other side of the street from the scene.

By Jon Henrik Larsen, Salangen News

A few centimeters from the ground:

 SJØVEGAN: Many weekend shoppers have been affected by the somewhat dangerous drainpipe laying in the street. No one has chosen to elevate the pipe to a brighter existence.

How the dangerous journey towards the ground has happened is not clear to the online newspaper. The editorial staff is not aware of any persons being injured. This weekend, when the online newspaper’s journalist discovered the story, there were little facts to grasp (…). Is it due to the recent mild weather why the pipe is laying on the ground? Or has someone been running inside the drainpipe in recent days? Is it a squirrel? Or is it a customer who was in a hurry and was heading home for waffles? Anyway, the online newspaper is hoping that the pipe soon is going to be placed where it belongs.

(Article continues)

Norway Drainpipe Salangen 1

This drainpipe is partially placed right on the ground (…). The car on the photo has not caused the incident. Photo: Jon Henrik Larsen.

Have Done Their Part

The municipality has done their part to save the threatening drainpipe that is casually placed against the pavement; the drainpipe is hung up in a thin municipal warning tape.

– It’s great that you call me, exclaims the local grocery store manager at Coop Prix, Agnar Fossbakk.

He is quick to conclude when it comes to the drainpipe.

– It’s probably the weather that has loosened it. I will get someone to sort this out, a clearly upset Fossbakk tells Salangen News.

Norway Drainpipe Salangen 2

The picture shows that the pipe was quickly corrected by staff from the Coop Prix at Sjøvegan. Photo: Jon Henrik Larsen

Editor’s Note: The translation is done to the best of ability. Local Northern-Norwegian words and expressions are modified to make them understandable.

Source: Salangen News


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  1. That’s so adorable that that’s a newsworthy item there 😉

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