This Incandescent Lamp Has Glowed Since 1923

Word's longest glowing incandescent lamp NorwayOn 15 October 1923, the incandescent lamp was turned on for the first time. (Photo: Steinar Moen)

They were the first people in the village who got installed electricity and Jon Moen (95) remembers the moment when the outdoor storehouse lamp was lit. It was back in 1923, and the light bulb still glows.

– It was a great experience when the light was turned on, we had never seen something like this. Even though I was only four years old, I remember it very well, it happened on 15 October 1923. And it has been glowing ever since, it is unbelievable, says Jon Moen to Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK.

Word's longest glowing incandescent lamp Norway 2Jon Moen was only four years old when they got electricity on the farm, but he remembers it very well. (Photo: Private)

The farm Kolomoen is located in the Gudbrandsdal Valley in Eastern Norway, and was one of the first in to get electricity. The first light bulb that was turned on was placed above the storehouse door.

Important Not to Use too Much

The farm was connected to electricity in fall 1923. The potato harvesting season was at its peak and four-year-old Jon was also picking potatoes.

– My father has talked much about that day. It must have made a big impression, says Jon’s son Steinar Moen.

He tells that they had to be very careful that they did not use too much electric power.

– If too much electric power was used, a switch was activated and the farm lost the power. Then it could take some time before it came back.

World's longest glowing icandescant lamp Norway 3It is written OSRAM on the Incandescent lamp. The company still produces light bulbs. (Photo: Steinar Moen)

Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

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