The Battle for Norway’s National Mountain

 Stetind National Mountain NorwayStetind National Mountain, 1,392 meters above sea level (4,567 ft), is located in the municipality of Tysfjord in Nordland County. The mountain has very smooth sides reaching all the way to the fjord. 

In 2002 Stetind Mountain was voted to be the National Mountain of Norway by listeners of Norwgian Broadcasting Cooperation, NRK.  This week, Chairman of the Dovrefjell National Park Board, Ola Røtvei, stated that he believes Snøhetta should hold the honorary title.

Previously, editor of the Friluftsliv (English: Outdoor Life) magazine started a campaign to reject Stetind as national mountain and replace it with Snøhetta.

Snøhetta is the highest mountain in Norway outside Jotunheimen and is number 24 on the list.

– Stetind is a stunning mountain, but it is a knoll. It is no national mountain, said Bjørn Andreas Esaissen to NRK in February.

Northerners Will Fight

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASnøhetta Mountain, 2286,5 meters (7,500 ft) above sea level, is located in Dovre-Sunndalsfjella National Park in Eastern Norway. 

Councilor in Lødingen Municipality in Nordland, Tone Larsen, thinks northerners cannot relate passive to the sharp criticism that has come to Stetind as the country’s national mountain.

– We must dare to say what we think and that this is important for us, says Larsen to NRK.

– Too much ends up in the South, she continues. Now she asks northerners to mobilize in the fight to keep Stetind as Norway’s national mountain.

It was back in 2002 that the mountain in Tysfjord Municipality in Nordland was voted Norway’s National Mountain by NRK’s listeners. Many believe that the northerners did ‘coup’ the poll. Tysfjord Municipality spent 19,000 kroner (3115 dollars) to vote for the local mountain.


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK

Photos: Stetind Mountain: Karin Amundsen, Snøhætta Mountain: Kjetil Kjernsmo/ Wikimedia Commons

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