Battery-Powered Nissan LEAF Norway’s Most Sold Car

Battery-powered Nissan Leaf Norway's Most Sold CarSo far in 2014, battery-powered Nissan LEAF is Norway’s most sold car (Photo: Nissan Norway).

Good news for all who care about the environment: Electric cars take a big jump in market share in Norway, and according to figures provided by the Information Council for Road Traffic, the total percentage of the sales of new cars represents about 12 %. This means that Norway is a world leader in sales of electric vehicles.

On top of the 2014 list is the Nissan LEAF that has been a success since the launch in October 2011. The electric car was last year’s 3rd best-selling passenger car in Norway, while it this year is placed at the very top with 1,325 cars sold and a market share of 4.6 percent.

LEAF that is delivered through Norwegian Nissan dealers comes with a “cold pack” that makes it particularly adapted to Nordic climatic conditions.

It is unique that an electric car tops the lists in a country, and it shows that the technology in combination with economical benefits has convinced many car buyers.

There are several reasons why electric cars are taking increasingly larger shares in the Norwegian market. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits come government economic stimulus packages. If you buy an electric vehicle, you get benefits that make the car far cheaper to own than a car that runs on fossil fuels.

Economic Benefits Owning an Electric Car:

Free parking in municipal parking lots.

Free passage in all tolls and congestion charge exemption.

Free access to drive in bus lanes.

The annual road tax is only 70 dollars (425 kroner), ordinary tax 492 dollars (2995 kroner).

Free charging at most public charging stations.

Purchase of electric vehicles is exempt from fee and sales tax.

50% discount on company car taxation.

Free transportation of electric cars on main road ferries.

The power cost is only 2 – 3 cents (15-20 øre) per kilometer.

An electric motor has fewer moving parts and requires far less costly maintenance.

Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source:  The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association , The Information Council for Road Traffic 

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  1. It is interesting to contrast Norway to the US.

    In Norway there are number of tax advantages to owning an EV.

    In the US the local states are trying figure out how to make up for the shortfall in gasoline tax by introducing new taxes aimed at EV’s

    No wonder Norway are adopting EV’s at such a fast pace and the US are lagging behind.

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