“Peep Show 2.0”: Live from the Bar – Minute by Minute

Birds in a Bar - Minute by minuteWith sunflower seeds as main ingredient, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) airs live from a very unusual coffee shop. 

Photographer Sten Magne Klann has long been fascinated by birds. Since 2003, he has furnished many birdhouses with wallpaper, cornices and dollhouse furniture. Several Blue Tit couples have started a family in these unique boxes, and Magne has photographed many magical moments.

(article continues)Birds in a Bar - minute by minute mother and babies

Right now, NRK streams live from one of the boxes through the minute by minute concept. ‘Second by second’ is perhaps more appropriate.

Klann has been joined by model maker Lars Aurtande and a couple of unique bird boxes. One is a miniature of the coffee shop Java Espressobar og Kaffeforretning located on Sankthanshaugen in Oslo.

Birds in a Bar - minute by minute the setThe goal is to create a three-month long live show on NRK.no with expert panel, lots of fun and games through social media. Hopefully, it will grow into something bigger with even more activities.

At the moment, the ingredients are simple: A few hundred kilos birdseeds, a clever feeder with electricity and light, powerful internet connection, a Mac and a camera steady placed in a dry and safe place.

This is the “Peep Show” reporting live from the bar. (Click to watch the birds)

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Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: NRK

Photos by: Sten Magne Klann/NRK

Categories: Nature, Quirky

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  1. This was very funny……:-))

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