Knitted a Five Kilometers Long Scarf

World's longest Knitted scarf 1Helge Johansen has set a new world record and knitted a nearly five kilometers long scarf. (Photo: Tor Rene Stryger/NRK)

Helge Johansen has knitted for 30 years. The result is an almost five kilometers (3.1 miles) long scarf which also is the world’s longest. Last fall, Helge spent four hours to roll it out so that the record could be official: The scarf is now approved by the Guinness World Records.

– Here is one kilometer, maybe one and one half, says Helge to NRK Østfold while rolling a ball out on the grass.

-It is OK to roll it, but I could not manage to carry it. I think it weighs around 500 kilos (1102 lbs).

Do Not Really Know Anything about Knitting

Already at the age of 17, Helge decided to become a world record holder.

– When I started, I did not know how to knit, so I learned it from my mother. I asked her if she could teach me. She asked me why, and I said that I would knit the world’s longest scarf.

30 years later, he still knits.

– At a time, the motivation was to beat the world record, but it was only 118 meters. I broke the record many years ago, and now it has just become a habit, Helge says.

– I have no particular knowledge about knitting.  Everyone thinks that I know a lot, but I do not really know anything.

Colors Important

World's Longest Knitted Scarf 2Helge says that initially he received yarn from people across the country.

– Even from the Blue Cross I received lots of yarn. But in recent years I have bought it myself. It is almost like if I had smoked. I probably spend as much money on it.

Usually Helge picks up the knitting needles while watching TV.

– Since it was the Olympics I have knitted a lot in red, white and blue. (Editor’s Note: Norwegian flag colors)

And the colors are important – he chooses them carefully.

– There should be a contrast. You cannot have two red after each other.


Text modified by: Ester Jepsen, ThorNews

Source: Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK Østfold)

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