Most Powerful Women in Norwegian Culture

Most Powerful Women in Norwegian Culture Anne Aasheim

Norway’s most powerful culture personality. Photo by Erlend Aas/Aftenposten

– My influence becomes visible by participating in different arrangements, meeting many people all over the country, and being part of the Norwegian culture politics, says Anne Aasheim, ranked as the most powerful woman in Norwegian Culture to Aftenposten

Since 2010, she has been Director of the Arts Council Norway, and Deputy Chairman of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), where she is responsible for strategy, finance and budget.

In 2014, the ‘money bag’ at the Arts Council shrunk by 100 million kroner (12 million dollars), but Aasheim still manages 1.2 billion kroner (145 million dollars) to artists and cultural workers across the country.

Real Power

The jury consists of BI Norwegian Business School Professor Anne-Britt Gran, former Minister of Culture Anniken Huitfeld and acting Culture Editor in newspaper Aftenposten, Veslemøy Østrem.

Gran says that the award is an attempt to reveal which women have real power in Norwegian culture.

The criteria considered by the jury include formal power, economic power, network, implementation capacity, and whether she is setting the agenda in the public debate.

– Aasheim leads a more powerful and unattached Arts Council than ever. Through her experience in media, she has built up an extensive network and has shown strong execution ability, Gran says.

– But why isn’t the Minister of Culture, Thorhild Widwey, ranked as number one?

– Formally, Thorhild Widwey has the most power. She is also in charge of the largest ‘money bag’. But she has appeared as an indistinct Minister of Culture, and does not have an extensive network, Østrem says.

Gran adds that Widwey has not been appointed Minister of Culture long enough to get the highest ranking.

Here are the 30 most powerful women in Norwegian culture:

  1. Anne Aasheim, Director of Arts Council Norway
  2. Thorhild Widvey, Minister of Culture
  3. Annika Cecilie Bjørnstad, Strategy Director of Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)
  4. Nina Økland, General Director in the Ministry of Culture
  5. Anne Carine Tanum, Multiple Director
  6. Marte Thorsby, Director of IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry)
  7. Ellen Horn, Theatre Director of Riksteatret Touring Theatre
  8. Anne Oterholm, writer and member of Arts Council Norway
  9. Elina Krantz, Manager of Stand Up Norge
  10. Agnete Gullestad Haaland, Theatre Director of Den Nationale Scene
  11. Vigdis Moe Skarstein, Director of the National Library
  12. Kristin Berge, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Culture
  13. Anne Enger, County Governor in Østfold County
  14. Hege Duckert, Culture Editor Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)
  15. Kari Johanne Spjedlnæs, publishing Director of Aschehoug
  16. Turid Birkeland, Director of Concerts Norway
  17. Hanne Tømta, Theater Director of The National Theater
  18. Elin Aamodt, Manager of Artist Organization Gramart
  19. Lena Midtveit, Director of Sony Music Entertainment
  20. Karin Mundal, publishing Director of Cappelen Damm
  21. Synnøve Hørsdal, Film Producer of Maipo Film
  22. Ingvild Daae, Director of Monster (TV production)
  23. Ingrid Røynesdal, Director of  Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
  24. Bente Erichsen, Director of Nobel Peace Centre
  25. Lise Stang Lund, Chairman The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts (NK)
  26. Ingrid Lorentzen, Ballet Director of The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet
  27. Marie Komissar, Music Producer NRK P3
  28. Iren Reppen, Artistic Director of Peer Gynt Festival
  29. Hilde Sandvik, Culture Editor of Bergens Tidende
  30. Tone Hansen, Director of Henie-Onstad Art Centre

Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Aftenposten

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