Norwegian Music Festivals – Spring 2014

Norwegian Music Festivals 2014 Winter Festival in RørosOne of this spring’s music festivals: Winter Chamber Music Festival in Røros March 13th to 16th. 

It’s another year – and the Norwegian music festivals are already preparing to entertain you whether you are into jazz, blues, metal, brass, shanty or even church music. 

Here is a list of this spring’s music festivals in Norway.


13-16: Winter Chamber Music Festival (Vinterfestspill i Bergstaden), Røros

21-30: Oslo International Church Music Festival (Oslo Internasjonale Kirkemusikkfestival), Oslo


Norwegian Music Festivals 2014 Eric Burdon11-12: Rock mot Rus, Andenes

11-13: Vossa jazz, Voss

16-19: Inferno Metal Festival Norway, Oslo

23-27: Bodø International Organ Festival (Bodø Internasjonale Orgelfestival), Bodø

23-30: Nidaros Bluesfestival, Trondheim

23-27: Soddjazz, Inderøy

Eric Burdon from The Animals is playing at the Nidaros Bluesfestival in Trondheim




02-04: KarmøyGeddon Metal Festival, Haugesund

03-04: Stavanger Live, Stavanger

03-11: Oslo Grieg Festival, Oslo

05-12: Maijazz, Stavanger

07-10: Hamar Jazz Festival AnJazz, Hamar

08-11: Trondheim Jazz Festival, Trondheim

09-11: Grenland International Brass Festival, Skien

10-12: Balejazz, Balestrand

16-20: Hardanger Musikkfest, Ullensvang

22-05 June: Bergen International Festival (Festspillene i Bergen), Bergen

22-01 June: Nattjazz, Bergen

23-25: Dalane Blues Festival, Egersund

24-26: Kråkeslottfestivalen, Senja

24-26: Spydeberg Rock, Spydeberg

30-01 June: Vømmøl-festivalen, Verdal

30-02 June: Working Class Hero, Drammen

30-02 June: Langesund International Shantyfestival, Langesund

31-01 June: Heimoverfestivalen, Åmli i Aust-Agder

By: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Photos from top: Winter Chambre Music Festival in Røros, Nidaros Bluesfestival

Featured image from Bergen International Festival

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