Living Far From Wilderness? Buy a Stuffed Moose!

Stuffed Full-size Moose Norway for SaleJarle Thorkildsen in Naturexpo has no idea who could be potential buyers. (Photo: Line Oftedal Pedersen/NRK)

The firm Naturexpo in Kristiansand in Southern Norway focuses on a somewhat unusual niche: Full-size stuffed moose. Now they sell a whole herd on Norwegian eBay,

Under the “Art” category on moose in all sizes are lined up, including moose calves.

– I do not think it makes sense to sell these under categories such as “Ornaments” or “Collectibles”, so it had to be “Art”, says Attraction Manager, Jarle Thorkildsen to Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK.

He has no idea who could be potential buyers.

Translated excerpt from one of the stuffed moose ads:

Moose 8

(Filed under  ”Art”)

Stuffed Full-size Moose Norway for Sale 2Price: 119.000,- kroner (about 20.000 dollars, Editor’s Note)


Prepared and preserved large bull moose in mint condition. Museum piece used at public exhibitions. Considered sold. Some delivery time must be expected if it is on display at the time of sale. Alternatively, an equivalent can be obtained.

General info

When ordering, the montage is packed and shipped COD. Packing and shipping costs are not included. The shipping costs vary based on the size of the montage. Some large montages require special freight service.


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, Thor News

Sources: NRK,

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