Timetable Information? Piece of cake!

Timetable Information - piece of cakeIt seemed as if the baker was in a hurry when Marlin Eriksen and Knut Ese received their birthday cake last weekend.

Not only were Marlin and Knut’s names written on top of the cake, but also the ferry departure which transported the cake from Haugesund to Utsira

– There has obviously been a misunderstanding in the mail from the grocery to the bakery. But it was fortunately not a wedding cake, and we are not so solemn. The writing mistake took the celebration to another level. The cake tasted fantastic anyway, Eriksen laughs.

After the incident she posted a picture of the cake on Facebook where she wrote: “Coffee and cake at the Eriksen/Ese House after 5 p.m. And message to the bakery: You can stop looking for the note that says when you should deliver the cake on the boat. Ups …”


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Aftenbladet

Photo: Marlin Eriksen / Facebook

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