New research: Gamalost Cheese Lowers Blood Pressure

Gamalost Old Cheese from NorwayFinally, it has been scientifically proven what Gamalost fans have always known: The traditional and aromatic cheese, which translates as “old cheese”, has a positive health effect. This is partly because it contains large amounts of vitamin K2, which is good for blood pressure, heart and bones and may prevent cancer from developing.

A 2011 doctoral study by Tahir Mahmood Qureshi at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences showed that Gamalost contains large amounts of vitamin K2, which is found in most fermented milk products. The findings are confirmed by recent studies showing that people who eat a lot of Gamalost have lower blood pressure than the reference group.

The Gamalost has gained international attention because it is extra lean, contains little salt and is a pure natural product. The flavor is distinctive and robust, sharp and aromatic. It should be light golden brown in color and taste appetizing. If the cheese smells bad, it has come too long in the maturation and storage process.

The only two places in the world this very special cheese is produced, is in Vik in Sogn, Western Norway, and in Enebakk outside Oslo.

Read more about Gamalost on Thor News.


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Sources: NRK,,

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