Is This the World’s Most Expensive Snack?

Worlds most expensive snack - Stockfish snack NorwayThe Norwegian supermarket chain Coop Mega offers Stockfish (“Tørrfisk”) snack for 102 USD per pound. (Photo: ThorNews)

Norwegian Stockfish made of dried cod is a regarded as a delicacy and is sold in Norwegian supermarkets as a snack in small transparent plastic bags. Price? 5.6 USD per 0.88 oz. (33.90 kroner per 25 grams), which is equivalent to 102 USD per pound. The price for premium Stockfish ordered directly from suppliers is about 14 USD per pound, shipping costs included – you save about 730 percent!

Founded in 1833, Lorentz A. Lossius AS – the oldest producer and exporter of Clipfish in Norway – is one of the suppliers that offer first quality Stockfish for “only” 190 kroner per kilo / 14 USD per pound. The company´s main product is salted and dried fish (Bacalhau), but it also sells Stockfish, wet-salted fish and cuts of Clipfish in plastic bags. Lorentz A. Lossius AS is a member of the Norwegian Seafood Federation.

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Worlds most expensive snack - Stockfish from Norway 2Stockfish snack, Coop Mega: Beautifully presented and extremely expensive! (Photo: ThorNews)

If you are a smart business man, you should look carefully into this calculation:

Stockfish packed in cartons of 8 kilos (equivalent to 8000 grams) delivered by Lorentz A. Lossius AS (VAT and shipping costs included):


Total price: 1520 kroner / 251 USD

(190 kroner per kilo / 14 USD per pound):                                              40 bags of 25 g = 0.8 USD per bag

Design your own Stockfish logo on the internet (be creative):             0.0 USD per bag

320 plastic bags with logo and table of contents:                                50 USD = 0.16 USD per bag

Two phone calls:                                                                                      0.2 USD = 00006 USD per bag

Total costs:                                                                                                0.96 USD per bag


Your “discount price” to the food chains:                                              4.0 USD per bag

Revenue per bag:                                                                                     3.04 USD

 Revenue 320 bags:                                                                                 973 USD

If you find this business proposal interesting, please contact ThorNews at your earliest convenience (..)


 Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

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  1. YIKES!!! That’s a ridiculous price!!! I’ve heard Norway is one of the more expensive places to live, so I’m assuming that factors into it as well.

  2. 8 kilos are 515 USD!!


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