Traditional Knitting Pattern: Beautiful Scarf with Selbu Rose

Knitting Pattern Scarf with Selbu RoseThe Nordic star motif exists in many variations and dates back to the Renaissance. In Norway we call it the Selbu Rose, and it has become a classic. Maybe you want to start a new trend, or perhaps you only want to feel unique? Below you will find a knitting pattern with two charts for this beautiful scarf.

Learn more about the Selbu Rose here.

Materials on photo: Peruvian Highland from Filcolana, 100 % wool, color #270 blue and #101 white

Size: Approx. 25 x 180 cm / 9.8 inch x 5.9 feet without fringes

Yarn Consumption: 7 skeins main color, 2 skeins second color

Needles: Circular needle size 5.5 mm / US 9, 40 cm / 15.7 inch.

Gauge: About 16 sts and 21 rows = 10 x 10 cm / 3.9 inch.

Knitting directions:

Cast on using color of choice 80 stitches using long tail method.
Knit in the round 1 row.
Knit chart A.
Continue with chart B.
Continue knitting the last 8 rows of the “lice” pattern until it measures approximately 5 feet 2 inches.
Knit chart B in reverse order,from top of chart to bottom.
Knit chart A in reverse order,from top of chart to bottom.
Bind off. Sew sides together.

Cut fringe lengths to desired length. Using 2 cut lengths together pull through using slipknot method.

Wash gently,rinse,roll in a towel and lay flat to dry. Or press gently.

Chart A:Knitting Pattern Scarf with Selbu Rose Chart A (click to enlarge)

Translation: Gjenta = repeat, “r med hvitt” = St st with white, “r med blått” = St st with blue







Chart B:Knitting Pattern Scarf with Selbu Rose Chart B




Editor’s note: This is ThorNews’ first knitting pattern. If you decide to knit this beautiful scarf – we would be more than happy if you would let us know!

Special thanks to Lisa-Marie Haugmoen for helping with the translation!




Design by: Rachel Søgaard

Photos: Alt om Håndarbeide magazine #11 / 2013

Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Categories: Culture, Knitting

3 replies

  1. Hi there, was just passing by as I was looking for ideas for patterns for a scarf. I really love this pattern and think I will be knitting it maybe with slight changes but I’ll see when I finally begin(hopefully will have some free time to begin within a month or so)
    Really loved your site as it talks about culture and other crafts I saw here are very inspiring!
    Thanks you for this great blog!

  2. I saw this pattern and fell in love with it. It has challenged me to knit from a chart, something I did many years ago. It’s been a while. I am looking forward to this challenge!

  3. Cindy does wonderful work…i will be making thor sweater pattern after holidays!!

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