The Norwegian Constitution’s Birthplace Completely Renovated

Eidsvoll Manor Norway 1All Norwegians have a special relationship with the Eidsvoll Manor. It was here the Norwegian Constitution was created and signed 200 years ago, and the building represents the start of Norway’s freedom from 400 years of Danish rule. After three years of renovation, the Eidsvoll Manor appears as it did in 1814.

In 1814, the building was one of Norway’s largest and most modern private homes, and it was landowner Carsten Anker who made the 2,000 square meters house available to the National Assembly.

In 1895 and 1964, the wooden building which is located about 70 kilometers north of Oslo, was restored – but it was not put back to its original condition due to lack of knowledge. Now, the basement is built up from the bottom, the National Hall is just like it appeared in 1814 and seven in ten unoriginal artifacts have been removed.

The Norwegian Parliament allocated about 63 million dollars to the project as an anniversary gift to the Norwegian people.

See the pictures below (Click to enlarge).

 Eidsvoll Manor Norway 2On the first floor there are several rooms separated by large, beautifully decorated doors.

Eidsvoll Manor Norway 3The dining room has regained the bright colors of 1814. This was also the audience room of the Danish-Norwegian prince Christian Fredrik.

Eidsvoll Manor Norway 4In 1815, the National Hall was not completed. Now it appears as “unfinished” as it originally was.

Eidsvoll Manor Norway 5The Committee Room anno 1814.

Eidsvoll Manor Norway 6The kitchen was located in the basement together with the servant quarters.


Text by: Ester Jepsen, ThorNews

Photos by: Anniken Mihle/Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation (NRK)

Sources: NRK, Wikipedia

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  1. Thank you for the photos! I am interested in find photos of the original basement stone floor discovered in the restoration. My husband’s 6th great grandfather was Heinrich Von Schlanbusch and we believe this was at one time his property in 1686. Thank you!

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