Exhibition: “National Montages – Norwegian Photographs Trough 200 Years”

National Library of Norway Exhibition 2014

Would you like to learn more about Norwegian history and experience the media technological development from 1814 until today? On 30 January, the National Library of Norway opened “National montages – Norwegian photographs trough 200 years” in Oslo.

This year, the Norwegian Constitution celebrates 200 years – the oldest European constitution still in use – and the digital exhibition that lasts until 5 September 2014 shows 200 photos with cultural and artistic motifs and symbols that have contributed to form the Norwegian identity.

About the Exhibition

Published photographs from various media, photo-reproduction techniques and eras reflect the media technological development over the past two centuries. The exhibition showcases lithographs, posters, photographs and postcards.

The images are shown in large format, magnified up to 50 times. Each image is displayed both in detailed sections and as a whole, in thematic series.

The Constitution, flags, buildings, May 17th, landscapes and people are motifs that recur – motifs most Norwegians have been in contact with and have a relationship with.

Among the artists and manufacturers, we find names like Dreier and Prahl, Tidemand and Tønsberg, Axel Lindahl, Theodor Kittelsen and Normanns kunstforlag.

The National Library of Norway also celebrates Norway’s 200th Constitutional Anniversary with seminars, publications, a newly restored film and a separate 1814-bibliography. In addition, a large amount of relevant material from the National Library collection is digitized and made available to the public on a dedicated website.

The National Library of Norway’s English website can be found here.


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: The National Library of Norway

Photo by: The National Library of Norway

Categories: Art, Culture

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  1. How long is the exhibition on for? I will be visiting in June/July

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