Skrei Keeps You Healthy

Skrei is healthy

One portion of Skreimølje provides twelve daily doses of vitamin D. (Photo: 

So-called Skreimølje, consisting of cod, liver and roe, is about to become very trendy in Norway. Nutritionists are embracing the new trend due to its high content of vitamin D, which is stored inside the body throughout the winter.

– A single meal of this traditional Northern Norwegian dish provides twelve daily doses of vitamin D, says Magritt Brustad, Head of Department of Community Medicine at the University of Tromsø.

During February to March, millions of cod migrate from areas in the Barents Sea and into the waters of Nordland and Troms counties to spawn. Brustad has been studying what a traditional portion of Skreimølje means for the inhabitants’ general health. She measured the vitamin D levels before and after the test panel was served a portion of the tasteful dish.

Remarkable Results

The results were startling.

– Those who had a low level of vitamin D had a measurable increase by eating only one meal of cod, liver and roe, she tells

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASkrei migrate from the Barents Sea and into the Norwegian coast. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) 

When the researchers studied the vitamin D level of the population in Andenes in Vesterålen, they discovered that they actually had equally high levels in the winter as they did in the summer, says Brustad.

Skrei has meant a lot to the people in Northern Norway because of the health benefits. The high amount of vitamin D compensates for the long period without any daylight.

What is Skrei?

Every winter from February to April, cod migrate from the Barents Sea and into the Norwegian coast to spawn. The juveniles drift back to the Arctic Ocean where it “grows up”, and by the age of 3-4 years old it returns to the Norwegian coast – just as their parents did.

The main spawning grounds are located on the north side of Vestfjorden, from Lødingen to Røst in Northern Norway, and commercially Skrei is one of the most valuable species in Norwegian waters.

Skrei can be up to 20 years old, 6.6 feet (2 meters) long and weigh up to 120 pounds (55 kilos).

You will find a delicious recipe here on ThorNews.




Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: NRK

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