The World’s Largest Pair of Knitted Mittens

World's Largest Selbu Mitten90 Norwegian women have just finished knitting the world’s largest pair of mittens – or more precise Selbu Mittens. Now the organizers at Selbu Husflidslag are trying to get the mittens registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

On Monday this week, a solemn registration took place with the mayor, sheriff and other independent witnesses present at the local Police Station. The first mitten measured 8 feet (2.45 meters) and the other measured 8.3 feet (2.52 meter).

– It is quite common that two knitted mittens are not exactly the same – after all it is hand craft, says leader of Selbu Husflidslag ​​Oddbjørg Øiberg .

The record attempt is collaboration between Selbu Husflidlag, Selbu Folk Museum and Selbu Husflid AS.

Guinness Book of Records

World's Largest Selbu Mitten 2The first mitten was completed in 2010. It took three years and 45 people. That particular knitting pattern has meant a lot to the little village of Selbu in Sør-Trøndelag County.

They applied the Guinness Book of Records, but found out that they needed a pair of mittens to get a world record.

Many Knitters

– When we finished the first mitten we still had a lot of local women who were interested in participating. We did not want to disappoint them so we decided to knit the second mitten, says Øiberg.

The pair is not knitted in small pieces but as normal mittens – in extra big-size. They have used regular yarn and knitting needles, and it has been rotating among the community’s women.

They made 400 stitches for ribbing, so it basically started as an extra large men’s sweater.

Traveling Couple

Oddbjørg Øiberg denies that the world record is a waste of yarn and work effort. The mittens have been widely used by both Selbu Husflidslag, Selbu Husflid and Selbu municipality.

– The first mitten has been involved in many different events, such as tourism fairs and craft fairs, so we see it as a marketing channel for our long kitting tradition and Selbu municipality, she says.

Now, she visions that one of the mittens will be on permanent display in Selbu: In the museum in summer and at Selbu Husflid in the winter. The other will be used for marketing.

Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source and photos: Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation/NRK

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  1. They’re gorgeous, but given that they are about the same size as an extra-large men’s sweater, is there any chance charts will be published?

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