Draco is Back!

Draco 26 SRThis is the new Draco 26 SR, a fast bowrider that continues the tradition of the Norwegian shipyard in Flekkefjord. (Photo: Båtmagasinet)

Windy Boats presents Draco SR 26 during the world’s largest indoor boat show “boot Düsseldorf” in Germany that opened yesterday. The iconic Norwegian Draco boats have not been produced since 2002.

Draco was founded by Kaare Drangsholt from Flekkefjord in a Norwegian garage in the late sixties. Drangsholt followed his vision, and in fierce competition with other manufacturers developed Draco to become Europe’s largest motor boat manufacturer of the seventies.

 (Article continues)Draco 1700 Topless 1971-80Draco 1700 Topless, 1971 model, brings back good memories. Photo by: FlatSea.net

In 1992, the boat manufacturer went bankrupt but many of the original boats are still in use. After the bankruptcy, Windy Boats took over part of the production and Draco’s original designs were produced both under the Draco and the Windy brand name. In 2002 Windy stopped the production.

In a few weeks, Draco 26 RS goes into production. This means that already this summer the first boats will be on the water. Renowned Dubois Naval Architects in Hampshire, England, is responsible for the design. Overall, the new series include three models.

Everyone that share an interest in and want to learn more about the Draco boats should visit Draco’s new homepage or the fan club at FlatSea.net.


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Sources: Båtmagainet, FlatSea.net, Wikipedia

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