Trapped in the Ice

The Norwegian winter has so far been one of the mildest since the 1800s. Then bitter cold winds swept through the country and surprised nature’s creatures. It had tragic consequences.

The images below illustrate that nature can be both beautiful and cruel.

Moose trapped in ice NorwayInger Sjøberg went skating on the Kosmo Lake in Valnesfjord in Nordland County when she spotted this moose. (Photo: Inger Sjøberg)


Saithe trapped in ice NorwayThe cold in Nordland got fatal outcome for a shoal of young saithe which was caught in the ice at Lovund. (Photo: Ingolf Kristiansen)

Frog trapped in ice NorwayBeautiful tragedy: This frog did not manage to escape the ice on the Bindingsvatnet Lake in Akershus County. (Photo: Svein Nordrum)

Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: NRK Nordland

Categories: Nature

3 replies

  1. It’s kind of gruesome but fascinating.

  2. The poor moose! Nature can be cruel and life unpredictable for animals.

  3. By the way, is that your dog? It looks like a Schnauzer? Very cute!

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