Upcoming Norwegian Movies 2014

BørningThe movie “Børning” will premiere in 2014.

25 Norwegian feature films and four documentaries premiere in 2014. It is about the same amount as last year, and there seems to be something for everyone.

The feature film Beatles is based on Norwegian author Lars Saabye Christensen’s success novel from 1984. It was supposed to be directed by Espen Sandberg and Joachim Rønning (Kon-Tiki), but they instead accepted to direct the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film in Hollywood. Beatles is directed by Danish Peter Flinth.

Død snø 2 (Dead Snow 2) is one out of nine films which is made without any or with little financial support from the Norwegian Film Institute. It is directed by Tommy Wirkola (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) and is a sequel to his break-through picture from 2009.

Last year, director Hisham Zaman had success with Før snøen faller (Before snowfall). Now, he has made Brev til kongen (Letter to the King) which premieres at Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) in January.

John Sullivan’s Permafrost and Nils Gaup’s Glassdukkene (Glass Dolls) are two self financed films in the new genre called “Nordic noir”.

On the list of self financed films are Børning (Burning) – Norway’s first car-racing movie. It is inspired by Fast and Furious, Smokey and the Bandit and Canonball Run. It is about a car race to the North Cape, and is shot on location throughout Norway.

Bobbie Peers film Dirk Ohm was filmed on location in Grong in Nord-Trøndelag County. It is based on a true story about the German illusionist Dirk Ohm who disappeared in Grong in 2003. He was found dead two months later on the river banks of Namsen. August Diehl, known from Inglorious Bastards and The Counterfeiters, is playing the main character.

The film Her er Harold (Here is Harold) portrays a man who kidnaps Ingvar Kamprad – founder of IKEA.

After his success with Tusen ganger god natt (Thousand Times Good Night), director Erik Poppe is preparing an historical war movie about the king’s dramatic escape from Norway during the German invasion in April 1940. The film is titled Kongens nei (The King’s No) and will be ready around Christmas.Karsten og Petra på Vinterferie

“Karsten and Petra’s Winter Holiday” premieres on January 24.

Among the children’s films we find Katarina Launing’s Kule kidz gråter ikke (Cool Kidz Don’t Cry) which premieres tomorrow – 10 January. The film is about Anja who gets cancer, and is a recreation of a Dutch film success from 2012.

Arild Fröhlich has directed Doktor Proktors prompepulver (Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder) based on Jo Nesbø’s children’s book from 2007. This is one of the big Norwegian films this year, with a total budget of over 40 million Norwegian Kroner.

The preliminary movie list for 2014 looks as follows (in chronological order):

Kule kidz gråter ikke (Cool Kidz Don’t Cry). Director Katarina Launing. 10 January

Amnesia. Director: Nini Bull Robsahm. 10 January

Brev til kongen (Letter to the King). Director: Hisham Zaman. 17 January

Karsten og Petra på vinterferie (Karsten and Petra’s Winter Holiday) Director: Arne L. Næss. 24 January

Søvngjengeren (The Sleepwalker) Director: Mona Fastvold. 31 January

Død snø 2 (Dead Snow 2). Director: Tommy Wirkola. 12 februar

Kraftidioten (Power Idiot). Director: Hans Petter Moland. 21 februar

Blind. Director: Eskil Vogt. 28 februar

Ta meg med! (Take Me Along!). Director: Per Olav Sørensen. 7 March

Doktor Proktors prompepulver  (Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder) Director: Arild Frölich. 14 March

Permafrost. Director: John Sullivan. 14 March

Elsk meg (Love Me). Director: Hanne Myren. 28 March

Glassdukkene (Glass Dolls). Director: Nils Gaup. 4 April

Natt til 17. (The Night Before the 17th). Director: Eirik Svensson. 11 April

Opprørske oldemødre (Rebellious Great-grandmothers) Director: Håvard Bustnes. 11 April


English titles are directly translated from Norwegian and may be changed.

Premiere dates for the remaining films are not yet announced. ThorNews keeps you updated.



Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: NFI, Aftenposten

Photo: Filmkameratene

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