Oslo Citizen of the Year: An Important and Generous Benefactor

Ringnes Årets OsloborgerHe gave Oslo a new, spectacular sculpture park, and now, Oslo is giving him the Citizen of the Year award. Christian Ringnes is on everybody’s lips. 

Many thought that the new female park would destroy the Ekeberg forest. Nude female bodies were considered obscure and chauvinistic. But when the park was completed in September, there were many who cheered and people flocked to see the female sculptures. Some have even compared it with the Vigeland Sculpture Park.

Now, the man behind the controversial female park has received honors from the readers of Aftenposten. They named him Oslo Citizen of the Year.

“The King of Oslo”, “He deserves honor for his generosity, patience and good humor”. Behind the quotations are the people who voted for Christian Ringnes. He wanted to build a park to the people, for the people.
Over 13,000 votes has been received, and Ringnes got 4,360.

– This was very fun! I was very excited, Ringnes says, and admits that he has been following the results on-line along the way.

– I calculated the percentages. I saw that I had a chance, but I saw that Adil Kahn (Editor’s Note: First runner-up), who is a great candidate, was just behind me. He is young and those around him knows the power of social media. I guess I took him by the postcard votes, Ringnes said at the awards ceremony at Ekeberg.

The prize is a portrait drawn by Inge Grødum. It depicts Oslo’s Coat of Arms but with the head of Ringnes instead of Oslo’s Patron Saint Hallvard.

– Oh, my – this is nice! He has even drawn my scarf, and there are cows on it!, says the happy winner. I am very grateful, and very happy that private initiatives are valued. Also, I think that there often are protests before big things are built, but that the criticism has silenced when things are finished.

ThorNews congratulates, and recommends a visit to the original and beautiful sculpture park! 


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source and photo: Aftenposten

Categories: Culture

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