Heavenly Sound from Bodø Cathedral

Church Organ Bodo Cathedral Interior

In April this year, after 11 years of work, Norway’s newest and most modern church organ was inaugurated. The organ has over 5200 pipes and did cost about 20 million kroner. – Absolutely sumptuous, organ professor Bjørn Andor Drage told Norwegian broadcaster NRK Nordland.

– It is a privilege to play. The organ is in harmony with itself. There are no combinations you cannot use. It is a good sign of quality, Drage told before the inauguration.

A Sound from Bach’s Time Period

The German organ manufacturer Hermann Eule Orgelbau has equipped the instrument with many different features. The organ manufacturer has built organs for 140 years – “long enough to distil time and to see how the present grows out of the past”, as the company writes on its homepage.

– For example, one can select a sound from Bach’s time period, explained Drage who demonstrated the organ.

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Church Organ Bodo CathedralOrgan Professor Bjørn Andor Drage demonstrates the new organ in Bodø Cathedral.

– The organ also has a very beautiful old German sound that Franz Liszt had on his organs when he presented his premier performances, Drage continued.

The organ professor also demonstrated that by combining a clarinet voice and the old German Aeoline voice, the organ sounds like an accordion.

A Dream for Organists

Gro Bergrabben is organist at Bodø Cathedral. She told that a dream has come true. The new organ can also be remotely controlled from an organ console in front of the altar. This provides new opportunities.

– Sitting in front is giving us a very new opportunity to be present where the action is. For example, when we are playing with a choir or an orchestra. At a normal church service we also get closer to the congregation.

Here you can listen to a short, beautiful improvisation recorded and played by Brian Hepworth, one of the organists of the cathedral:


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source and photos by: NRK

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