Slow TV Program Sold to 100+ U.S. TV Networks

Nordland Line Minute by Minute

After New Year, ”The Nordland Line – Minute by Minute, Season by Season” will be broadcasted by more than 100 television networks in the United States. The TV show is produced by Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).

Pioneered by NRK2 in 2009, Slow TV is characterized by hours and hours of continuous coverage of fixed cameras on a subject or event — think of it as the television equivalent of those viral online Puppy Cams. Slow TV has become extremely popular in Norway, which evokes both wonder and interest internationally.

– It is clear that this is exciting, and it’s really interesting to make this investment in the United States. We know that many Americans are fond of beautiful nature and we have plenty along the Nordland Line, says sales and marketing manager Bjørn-Tore Hansen in Nordland Railway.

In addition to NRK recordings from the train through the four seasons, we have chosen to supplement the program with more recordings from places we drive by, says Hansen.

Previously, Americans have been watching “Hurtigruten – Minute by Minute”.

Last Christmas, Around 1.1 million Norwegian TV viewers (which represent about 20% of the population) watched “The Nordland Line – Minute by Minute” from Norway’s longest rail line.

In recent years, Slow TV programs such as “Firewood – Minute by Minute”, National Knitting Night”, “The Telemark Canal – Minute by Minute” and “The Nordland Line – Minute by Minute” have become very popular among Norwegian TV viewers. An important reason is probably that the programs get viewers to relax while enjoying unspoiled and beautiful Norwegian nature.

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The term “Slow TV” was voted Word of the Year 2013 by the Language Council of Norway.


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Photo/animation by: NRK

Source: NRK


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  1. That’s fantastic. I had no idea they were showing it over here.

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